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Getting Your Estate Plan in Place

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I know from experience that completing an estate plan does not sound enjoyable and it is easy to keep putting off. But, I also know the burden that’s lifted when it is done and in place! Particularly as a parent, there is a greater peace in knowing there is a plan to ensure the care of your children. Having just sent a child off to college, I’ve also experienced what a relief it is to know your college-bound child has a plan for health care and financial matters as a new adult, especially when away from home.


Recognizing how easy it is to put off this task, I value providing an experience that is …


From the get-go, you specify times, places, and communication platforms that work best for meeting and communicating with you.


Throughout the creation of your documents, receive clear and specific explanations for what information you need to gather and decisions to make.


You will be given the time necessary to understand your plan and the steps necessary for it to work well!


While this can be a difficult task to address, from start to finish, I strive to focus on providing you pleasant communications and well-designed materials.

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Step 1: Asking Questions

Often, you might not be sure what your next step is going to be. You might just have some questions to determine what direction to take next. If this is where you’re at, reach out and connect with me! You may do this by scheduling an ‘I Have Some Questions’ phone chat or sending your questions by e-mail with the contact form

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Step 2: Scheduling a ‘Let’s Design
Your Plan’ Meeting

If you are ready to get started creating your plan, you can schedule a ‘Let’s Design Your Plan’ introductory phone call for us to initially meet and make sure we’re a good fit. If we are a good fit, then, at that point, a no-commitment ‘Let’s Design Your Plan’ meeting can be scheduled. An Estate Planning Worksheet with information about your family and your property will need to be completed by you and submitted, along with any other necessary documents, at least 2 days prior to your planning meeting. This Worksheet is used at the planning meeting to discuss what would happen in your situation without a plan. We can also then use the Worksheet to create a plan at this meeting to reflect what you would actually like to happen!

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Step 3: Creating Your Plan

To move forward, once your client agreement is signed and half of your fee is paid, your plan will be drafted. In 2 - 3 weeks, your drafted plan will be sent to you through a secure client portal for your review. Through this secure portal, you will be able to access and review your documents, as well as get in touch with me with any questions or changes, whenever it is convenient for you.

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Step 4: Scheduling Your ‘Let’s Sign Your Plan’ + Education Time Meeting

Once your plan has been finalized, our final meeting will include properly signing, notarizing, and witnessing your documents. Strict compliance with signing requirements is critical to creating enforceable documents. This final meeting will also include a time of education, making sure you are educated on the practical steps recommended to ensure your plan is actually set up to be used and to function well. This is also a time to celebrate having a plan in place!

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Step 5: Staying in the Loop for Further Education

While our client-lawyer relationship will technically end at the signing of your documents, continuing to provide updated news and education is important to me. So, you can consider Christal Hillstead Law to be an ongoing hub of resources for this area of your life planning. Hopefully, it will contribute to turning an often-avoided area of our lives into a source of inspiring a life lived with more intention and focus on what really matters.

Get Everything in Place for You and Your Family.